Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Party @ SCEVHA

Sam pink fairy this time

Was able to attend another great and fun but rainy halloween party @ the village lat Oct. 28, 2008. This time, Sam was wearing a pink fairy costume, while her ate Aynrand was wearing the black version. The little Anya wore a cute ladybug costume naman..hihi! :p Thanks to Irish for the invites beacuse we really had a great time especially Sam.

She met new friends and was really happy that she saw Jollibee again!...weeeh! Unfortunately, the house to house trick or treating was not push through because of the heavy rain that was almost non-stop that day. The treats was sent to the clubhouse instead so that the kids can still enjoy filling their loots. Sam almost bagged a full of goodies with very less effort...hehe! Happy Halloween!

sam with nikie, aynrand and a little boy that i forgot the!

moi, sam, irish w/ baby anya and ate aynrand

with the St. Charvel Executive Home Village Association (SCHEVA) villagers

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