Saturday, September 6, 2008

a tiring but exciting photoshoot day...

Finally, the most awaited day of the first day group photoshoot of Kidstime little models has been arrived. The photoshoot for the Stella's Clothing Line group went off smoothly. I think some of them didn't make it. As far as i know, the headcount should be 12 for the Stella's, but they were just 9 of them during the shoot. The girls wore these dolly-like satin colorful dress from the said clothing company for the formal wear shot. Sam really like the dress and refuses to remove it after the set...haha! Everybody poses their sweetest smile in front of the cam. Even the youngest in the group did very well. The studio was jam-packed with these kids and the ever excited stagemoms. You can really hear the woos and coos of the mommies even outside the studio!...haha...ang ingay! :p I hope that daddy Chris didn't get annoyed with us, the ever so ingay stagemoms..hehe After the shoot, we were asked to wait outside for the meantime to giveway for the Polka tot's group.

formal wear shot

The 2nd set was a bit more casual. They still wore these clothes from Stella's. Sam's wearing a red soft pants matching her tops. The others wore a casual dress that really looks so comfortable. Everybody had a great time. Noisy mommies on the loose again!..haha

casual wear shot

It was also nice to finally meet in flesh our ever dearest "Contest Queen", Mommy Ro!..haha Though Mommy Kat & I already bumped to each other once during the Trinoma exhibit...I'm really happy to meet you again and had this little chikahan. I also met some GT moms from the forum and group. Pardon me if I forgot the names...hehe! I'm not that active kasi sa forum. I usually visit the site just to get some news about the contests and mag winners...I'll try to be more active now to make connection with the other stagemoms.

with mommy Ro and mommy Kat and our cuties

with my fellow stagemoms and gt moms

mommy Zharina cuddling her bunsoy

And finally, a very big thanks to this mom behind all of these. Thank you so much mommy Zharina and to your ever loving and very supportive hubby, daddy Chris and to the rest of the staff of Kidstime and Children's Ave. It's really a great opportunity working with you guys and I'm looking forward for the success of your "Twins." After all your hardworking days and nights and the completion of your models, you made the first photoshoot a success. Though there are some misunderstanding about model categories, you were still able to work it out. I understand that sometimes you need to make a change and hope that some concerns have been fixed for the benefit of all. Good luck more sis for these coming two days of exciting photo shoots. More cutie kids, more crying..hehe...more noisy moms...and more precious moments to capture. :p

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