Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun Ranch after shoot

I noticed that most of the KT photoshoot albums in my multiply account was automatically uploaded with a Fun Ranch album as well..hehe Well, here's our album (sorry, viewable by my multiply contacts only) version modeled by who little still hyperacitve Sammie girl. Who can ever resist to take a peek for a while to this very nice and kid friendly complex for the whole family. The place now have some more additional rides to enjoy. This was our 3rd time already, but as compared from our last 2 visits... Sam & I just roamed around and took some shots. The place during that time gave me an impression of it like a ghost town because there was no one else inside the park but us and the employees...hehe! Though the park is already open, this was past 12 noon only so expect that there's no guests yet to occupy the place. Sam still wanted to make hirit to play inside the Active Fun. Since I'm already hungry and exhausted, i told her that we can back there some other time. She smiled and said "ok time na lang ok?" Im really happy and proud of her because she didn't insist her request. I guess she realizes that it will be boring since there's no other kids inside, and she understand that mommy's tired already :) After our small photshoot, we headed to SM north to get a full meal then went back straight home after. Hays, what a day! :)

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