Monday, September 22, 2008

Pampers World Tour Event

giant chairs and tables

Sam & i were at Trinoma last Sunday, just need to buy something in the mall. I didn't know that there's this Pampers on going event at the activity center. And i thought that it's only for parents with babies. They are accepting all kids for registration to join the said event. So i decided to register and join the fun inside with sam. She really enjoyed the colorful rooms with these giant furnitures. We were able to get some freebies as well from the different sponsors. Rj & Giselle hosted the mini show. Conduct some raffle and discussed some parenting tips for all the parents. Sam enjoyed these giant furnitures and really climbed high just to seat on the top...with my help of course. She also enjoyed watching the elephant mascot dancing on the stage. Sadly, I wasn't able to have her a decent pic beside it...what's the name of this mascot anyway?...i have no idea!..ahaha

giant crib

What is a Pamper's World anyway?

Pampers World is a global event that aims to help parents experience the stages of development through their baby’s eyes. Pampers World has toured other countries (notably the United Kingdom, Greece, Sweden, and Indonesia among others) and is now in the Philippines.

giant couch

You can experience the world of a baby through a baby’s eyes via a tour through the 3 stages of development: New Baby, Active Baby, and Easy Ups. Each stage will feature rooms where consumers can move about and explore the world like a baby. On top of that, there will be a couple of shows throughout the day where you can learn and be entertained about the 3 stages of development via guest celebrities and pediatricians. Finally, you can also purchase Pampers Stages at discounted prices. Through innovative programs, events and partnerships with other organizations, the PPI aims to make use of these renowned professionals to provide parents with the latest in child-care information and research to help them become the best parents they can be. Here's the rest of the sched of of Pampers World Tour Event.

giant high chair and walker

Pampers World will happen in these areas:
July 26-27 2008 Glorietta Activity Center
August 9-10 2008 SM Mall of Asia Music Hall
September 13-14 2008 Trinoma
October 4-5 2008 Ayala Cebu Center

special dance number from pampers mascot

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