Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sam's New Laptop

Vtech Write It Right Laptop

Product Description

- Colourful 2-in-1 laptop featuring the new letter recognition technology
- Teaches handwriting skills and shows how to write numbers
- Press the chunky buttons on the keyboard to access 34 curriculum based activities
- Introduces children to reading, writing, maths, logic and much more
- Ergonomic stylus with glowing writing pad makes learning to write easy and enjoyable
- You can also answer question by pressing the tick and the cross on the glowing pad
- Full alphanumeric keyboard introduces pre-schoolers to first computer skills
- LCD screen brings child's writing and drawing to life for added fun
- Colourful inlay shows lists of activities for easier selection.
- Requires 3 x AA batteries

Since Sam did very well in school for the first grading period, I told her dad about my plans of giving her a small token or reward from being one of the top noodles in her class. Ever since she started to get familiar with computer, she always seat on my lap and watched me while working on something. She's really amazed with the keyboard and sometimes I let her play with it. But until now, she still haveing a hard time to control the mouse. She started to get fascinated na with laptops whenever we're at the mall, requesting to drop by at the toy kingdom or toys r' us just to see these items. She always check and plays with diffrent educational laptops on display and telling me she like to have one of it. As we all know, the costs of these laptops is a bit expensive. I just told her that we don't have money yet and we'll return back na lang next time we visit the store again. Her 1st grading report card made me decide to get her one na. I'm choosing between the Leapfrog items and vtech, and I really had this sudden confusion of what to buy for her. I'm always into Leapfrog because of its excellent background when it comes to learning system... the cons about it is the design...they have a very limited choices when it comes to laptop designs. On the other hand, Vtech also have the same developmental benefits that aims to achieve each child's maximum learning experience. And the good thing about their products is the wide variety of laptop designs... that Sam really like ever since. So that's it... vtech won! She's now enjoying her very first laptop. :p

busy exploring her new toy

Interactive 2-in-1 laptop featuring Letter Recognition Technology to help children write letters and numbers. LCD screen displays children’s writing to reinforce learning. Two friendly characters guide the play and teach reading, writing, maths and logic through 34 curriculum-based activities. Features ergonomic stylus with glowing writing pad and a qwerty keyboard to introduce first computer skills.

one happy girl who still don't want to sleep!...arrgh! :p

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