Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sam made me proud again! :)

a note from her Reminder Notebook

I've been waiting fo the release of Sam's report card ever since after she took her first grading examinations. I already talked to her teacher and she told me it's already done and the release will be this Friday. As a first time mom, I'm really concerend how she did in her academics. With regards to her exams, she did very well naman with less mistakes in all her subjects. The two got almost perfect with just one mistake. I'm kinda confident naman that she'll get an acceptable overall grade but still need to wait for the report card.

Until today after I picked her up from her class, it's already a routine for me to check her things. From her pencils to the number of her crayons, yes!... i'll make sure to check those because sometimes, she's loosing a piece or two. And each of her crayons and the rest of her school stuff has name on it!...haha It's very expensive if you'll buy another set to think one piece lang ang nawawala diba? Anyways, I also check if she has assignments. And upon checking her Reminder notebook, I was really surprised to read what's inside. Sam made it to the Top 5 Outstanding Pupils!...Yey!!! I still don't know about her place but then, I'm really really proud of her. I'm not expecting that she got the top 1 nor the top 2 since two of her classmates were supposed to be in kinder 1... based on their academic capabilities and age bracket which are both 5 y/o already. It was a concern for us, the parents of 3-4 y/o students before because the parents of these two students refused to jump their kids to kinder 1... Imagine that? If i'll be the parents of these kids, I'll be more proud because my kid will be accelerated... Hays!

Anyways, I'm again very thankful that Sam did very well and made it to be somewhat level with them. They'll be having an awarding ceremony this friday at 7:30am...goodluck sa pag gising ko kay Sam...hehe! :p From another proud mommy here...

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