Friday, September 12, 2008

Sam won on Moms Today

half page of the "Me Hero" winners

My entry on Moms Today mag (parenting mag here in the philippines) won a spot on Sept-Oct contest theme entitled "My Hero!" I sent a photo of Sam wearing a Wonder Woman costume and luckily it was included as one of the winners. I'm getting used to join to this different magazine photo contests for kids. Sometimes we win, sometimes we loose. Oh well, it's all about really like that. It's not fair if your entry will always win. Better give chance to other parents whose also participating in the contests. No one could really measure the excitement of each parent seeing their kid's photo in a glossy magazine that circulates all over the country, sometimes abroad pa. Kaya, I'll keep on joining while my girl is still little, you may never know what other great ops may come in by means of these exposures. :)

the winning entry

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