Friday, September 19, 2008

Sam's !st Grading Awarding Ceremony

top 4 in her nursery class for the 1st grading period

Sam had their First Grading Awarding Ceremony held at their school last Sept. 19, Friday @ 7:30am. I just put her into bed prior the big day, earlier than her usual sleeping time. Woke up @ 6am and prepared all the things needed. They don't have the classes na that day but the students from all level were asked to attend the said program. The nursery were the first in line to receive the certificate of awards. Though she's not the top 1, I am very proud to say that she's the 4th placer in their class. The feeling is really overwhelming seeing your kid going up in the stage and accepting her very first school award... hays, para ka na rin nanalo ng lotto. :)

the 5 outstanding pupils for the 1st grading period

I admit that I'm a bit strict with regards to Sam's studying routine. But I'm not particular with the fact I let her watch the tv first before doing her homework if she wants to. For me kasi, I'll just follow her frame of mind. I can't force her to study if she don't feel studying. Sayang lang yung effort on both sides and for sure she'll learn nothing because she don't want to focus. But this happens very seldom. Most of the time, she's doing her assignment right after her class. Pagkading sa house, she's looking agad for her homeworks. I always let her do her homework by herself... I'm just at her side to teach her, give an example and guide her. And I'm really glad that my effort produced her of being included in the top 5 of her class. I'm really proud of my little girl!

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