Monday, May 19, 2008

Trip to Ec0-Adventure Trail, Tagaytay

If you want to experience the cool breeze of the mountains (without having to take a long trip going to Baguio) and see the panoramic view of Taal Lake and its volcano while enjoying the facilities and ambiance of the special interest resort at a very reasonable price, check out the 500-meter Eco-Adventure Trail just located inside the 13.5-hectare hillside resort of Tagaytay Picinic Grove. It was constructed amid a natural park overlooking the famous Taal Volcano. The scenic walkway, which hugs the rugged terrain of the picnic grove, gives Tagaytay visitors a number of spectacular views of the island-volcano of Taal. Its winding and rolling pathways provide tourists a challenging stroll or a leisurely walk.

Sitting on a landscaped area, the Eco-Trail is a long boardwalk that would serve as an alternative view deck for tourists and is highlighted by a miniature forest complete with a hanging bridge. Newly built picnic sheds strategically dot the area. The grove also offers various amenities such as a restaurant, cottage accommodations, function halls, picnic areas and view decks.The view was fantastic even though it rained and the sky was a bit dark. This is second time that I went to see the place after almost a decade, I think t'was during my college years. The trip was really fun even if it was really tiring. Sam really enjoys walking with matching non-stop talking and singing pa! ever hyper kid!..haha! My in-laws on the other hand almost gives-up finishing the trail and they really catches breath after the trip. Long trail with stairs just made them really tired. But at least we've lost lots of calories in return...hehehe :p And not to mention, a really great place for your photo ops as well.

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