Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Crying Diva @ the Mini Fashion Show

the runway

in her best mood and still eager to pose

This exciting event was held last May 4 at the Glorietta Park in Ayala Ave, Makati. The show was a part of the Caravan of Fun's exciting and fun-filled 2 days event. The show was supposed to be sched on the 3rd of May. But due to our unpredictable weather condition (as in the sun was on it's finest glare from late morning till 3pm I guess, until to this sudden poured of really heavy rain halfway after 3pm)...imagine that? As in everybody were soaked wet. Mommy Joanne doesn't have any other choice but to cancel the fashion show and re-sched it on the next day.

it's time to do her catwalk

Oh well, It's May 4! The weather looks great, but still.. We can't tell what will happen on the next couple of hours. You know our weather is really deceiving! Call time was earlier than before. We were asked to be there by 12:30pm. We're at the venue at exactly 12:30pm...hehe. So...this is it! Our little girl was about to have her very first modeling experience. We already taught her about the things she needs to do in the stage ahead of time. We've missed the show rehearsal last Friday because of some important reasons. I just asked Mommy Nina for some tips about the practice (thanks sis!) and did our own version at home. At first she's really eager to pose, still providing her sweetest smile in front of the camera. Striking a pose and even winks!..haha! Then when it's already her turn to go up and ramp... I can see already the anxieties on her face…hahaha! The woos and claps of the audience, plus the flashing cameras everywhere and the loud sound system starting to scare her. It seems that her crocs suddenly became heavy that she can’t even walk normally... hehe! Small steps were done with her head down and sad eyebrows. Oh no… my little girl was about to cry! Daddy was on the rescue! Since I’m on the back stage I asked him to position his self in front so that Sam could see him. So this is it… our little girl suddenly melts down in the middle of her modeling moment… my poor little girl.

got scared with the whoos and claps of the audience plus paparrazis everywhere

the "melt down"

Honestly I was a little bit disappointed at her and myself because everything we practice and the motivation and everything just went into waste (very bad mommy me no?...hehe). But then I realized that I shouldn't need to have this kind of attitude. She’s my daughter. Just a little girl who is a first timer in modeling . That normally to have this kind of initial reaction in front of many people. I should be more proud of her because she really tried her best. I know most mommies here were also first timers fully pledge stage moms…as in literally nasa back stage or any sides of the stage while their kids performs. That as much as possible, we want to meet the expectations regarding our kid’s performance. But whatever happened, we should be thankful enough for their achievements, whether little or big accomplishments… diba? Kaya I’m very proud of her whatever happened…my little ramp model. She has her own title na nga c/o mommy Jen…the little "Crying Diva!”…haha! :

she's ok na here and willing to model na after the show....sheesh!..lolz!

click here to see more pics of the mini fashion show

*Outfits sponsored by Jam's by Rustans
*Footwear sponsored by Crocs

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