Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Double Winner!

I'm starting to get hooked already joining in the different magazine contest available in the metro. After my little Sammie's first (hopefully not the last...hehe!) appearance on SP Mag (Aug 2007 issue), i considered to join her as well to different magazine contest i know. It was just this year when I started to send different photos of her to different baby and parenting mag contest. Trying out any luck to win at least one. Thanks to Mommy Steff for reminding me about the ongoing mag contest in wmm c/o girlytalk. I sent Sam's photo and luckily, though not chosen as the ultimate winner, was already a winner for me because she was included in the gallery (wmm baby face for the month of March2008) :p Since then, I started to send more photos of Sam and ensure to send those before the mag's required deadline.

This month, Sam's photos won the Moms Today's Precious Moments and Milestone contests. Yes, she won on both categories...Yehey!!! :p I'm so happy when Steff informed me the good news. I just grabbed the scanned copy to our GT group because I still don't have the copy yet. I'm so proud of my little girl for winning twice at the same time in the same magazine. One thing that amazes me more was the prizes install. MT mag is so generous enough to give all these exciting prizes to all the winners! Imagine that? Sobrang galante diba, unlike the other mags, the main winner was the only one entitled to have the special gift packs. ...oopsie, no offense. :p Oh well, I'm not after with the prizes and gifts packs naman. For me, just seeing my little girl's photo printed in different parenting magazine is indeed a grand winner already! :p

Sam's special gift pack from Sanofi-Aventis Lactacyd and Dryeprs for winning in the Precious Moments contest

Sam's special gift pack from Wyeth Phils. and Enfant for winning in the Milestone contest

my little winner!

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