Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sam's getting ready for School!

Sam will be entering nursery already @ St. Raphaela Mary School, just a walking distance school from our house. Glad to find this one after scouting for a different school near qc when hubby was still here. I really find some of them appropriate for my little schooler in terms of facilities and form of teaching (traditional vs progressive), but some of them are really way too far from our place. Maybe when she enter already the big school...I'll consider the place even if it's a bit far. For now, my hubby & I agreed to enroll her to this school. Facilities is ok with fully air-conditioned rooms (from primary to secondary). There will be only more or less 10 students on Sam's class and they will have two teachers for 3hours class. And believe my, my daughter is really excited to go na. She always says, "mommy & ninong stay home lang..and Sam (pertaining to herself) school"...haha! I'm really delighted to hear her this...that she doesn't want me to roam around while she's having a class...hehe! I'm really hoping that the opposite thing wouldn't happen on the first day...that she'll be clingy to me and begging me not to leave her or else... she'll make a scene...waaah!...oh no! haha!...oh well, goodluck to me!:p

For now I'm the one who is excited to shop for her school supplies...actually she already have some, but i'm not yet contented...parang may kulang pa...haha

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