Monday, May 12, 2008

A Simple Celebration...

I can consider this as one of my most memorable mother's day celebration from the past 3 years of my life of being a mom to my little girl. My daughter & I usually celebrates it without his daddy. His annual vacation always falls on the summer period and leaves before the loom of the mother's day month. Yesterday, our celebration was plain simple, but yet really special for me. It's the first time that hubs is still around to join us in celebration.

I was a bit feeling sick yesterday & wasn't able to go out for our supposed to be dinner date with my family as what hubby planned earlier yesterday. We just agreed to have a simple dinner celebration at home as the next option. I just feel asleep for a while, while Sam was taking her nap and didn't noticed that hubs sneak out for a moment. I was just surprised when he arrives with a bouquet of flowers, a beautiful cake from red ribbon and a take out dinner from one of my favorite resto, the Mann-Hann . It was really an emotional moment for me because it's been a while since hubby astonished me again with a spray of fresh flowers, that he usually do during our younger years as couple. I'm so thankful to God for this wonderful opportunity of celebrating the day with my one and only better half. Time can't tell If when would be the next instance that he'll be joining us again to celebrate mom's day. There's nothing more to ask for than just being with the comfort of our love ones during this special day. Happy Mother's day again to us...moms!

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