Friday, January 18, 2008

Sam's Lip Injury

I panicked yesterday when Sam suddely tipped off to our three-steps concrete marble tiled stairs yesterday afternoon. She already mastered going up & down to the stairs and i always remind her to be very careful and watched her steps everytime. But yesterday she seems missed her balanced and fell down two steps from the top. She really cried and I immediately checked her for bumps and bruises. Im very particular with the head and neck and praying that she didn't hurt those badly. Upon checking her face, i saw the cut on her upper lip and blood already dripping inside her mouth. I got really scared and took a closer look at it if she broke a tooth. Thank god that the injury concentrated only on her upper lip!

I administered immediate compression as first aid to stop the bleeding. And applied frosty iced candy (good thing we have some stock inside the freezer) to her lips to constrict the blood vessels and again, to prevent further bleeding. I immediately called her Ninang Pedia for her availability. She just lives two blocks from our house. I brought Sam to her to check and see if there's further injury. I was releived after she was checked and informed me that it was only a minor cut on her upper lip, and her teeth were not affected. She just asked me to administer a paracetamol every six hours for the pain, unless there's an occurance of fever, every four hours.

This incident really woke me up. Accidents really happened anytime and anywhere especially to our kids who explores a lot and will try everything within their curosity. But still Prevention is the best Treatment. It is still up to us, the parents to develop rules, instruct our child, be a role model, and set the necessary boundaries in order to ensure our child's safety.Constant reminders and heart to heart conversation should be done between us and our kids. We should explain that were not always at their sides to supervise them. Kids of their ages do not have the knowledge, maturity, and foresight to understand the consequences of their actions.They may not understand what were pertaining at first but regular talks will somehow stick the reminders to their little minds. Especially if they already experienced the consiquences and feeling of being hurt, it will alarmed them and hopefully will be really very careful on their actions the next time. =)

swollen upper lip

she looks like she was punched by Paquiao here...hehe

my poor little girl =(

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