Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sam & Tinong at Kidz @ Work, Megamall

Since Sam's birthday if already getting nearer and nearer, I'm already in my panic mode about the birthday preps. Mike suddenly informed me that he can't make it home on March, the month that we've planned for Sam's Jollibee birthday party. So changed of plan and Sam's birthday is already only a week ahead!...arrgh! Need to have my birthday to do list at once and one of them is to find a better cake for Sam. I really like the cake from the bakeshop where I got her 2nd birthday cake last year, she had a Dora & Barney themed cake. So to avoid my life to be a little bit more complicated, I've ordered her 3rd birthday cake again on the same shop. Since it's along Pasig, I need to ask my brother to baby sit Sam for the meantime. Good thing he's working @ Megamall and he'll be out by 3pm. So Sam & I headed immediately @ the mall to meet my bro. While I'm on my way to the bakeshop, my bro texted me that he'll bring Sam at Kidz @ Work. An indoor playground where kids rules. From the big slides, to a pool of colorful balls, Sam had a wonderful time. Good thing my bro brought his digicam & he was able to capture everything. =)

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