Sunday, January 13, 2008

playing around

To be able to watch and get a better seat for the Alvin & The Chipmunks show, It is required to get the free tickets & stub for the Meet & Greet opportunity one day before the show. And that's what i did. Sam & I went to Trinoma's concierge before the mall opens last friday, January 11, for the January 12 show. BTW, I'm very thankful to my good friend Nina for reminding me about this thing. I ensured to arrive there before it hits the 10am mall opening and to have this better chance to grab that precious M&G stub which are only limited to few and a one/family system. Glad I was able to grab a piece! I'm just wondering about the stubs, the color of the stubs. It's not limited to one color only. At the start of the show, i noticed that there's this different stub colors. From yellow, the color of the free tickets for the show, and the red which is the color of the stub for the meet & greet opportunity, the one that i got one day before. Then all of a sudden there was this blue, purple, pink & orange different colors! The blue & purple holders were those got in first for the center seating. Then the pink, orange & red just got the same seating arrangement...meaning you can seat anywhere you want!! Oh well, i think it depends on the mall, they have their own mechanics and procedures to comply.

Because the mall just opened, Sam grabbed the opportunity to play in the mall's indoor playground while there's just only few kids playing. She enjoyed the climbing, horsey horsey backriding and the sliding with no long line waiting. As soon as the 1st day 11:30am show starts, the playground was already accumulated with different kids. We just had our lunch after, did a little shopping, went to the hypermart to do some grocery and then went home.

Click HERE to see more of my playing Sam.

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