Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sam's 3rd birthday simple party preps

Mickey Mouse & Friends birthday theme for Sam

I was inspired by the Disney On Ice show that my daughter & I watched just this January. And since her birthday is fast approaching, i'm still undecided if i'm gonna give her a themed birthday party or what. The original plan with hubby was to give her a Jollibee party instead para less worries in terms of preparations, kasi it comes in a package na. And I want him to be with us to celebrate it para complete family kami. Mike's original sched to come home was supposed to be on this March & the party was planned to have on March na nga din. He just found out that it'll be moved on April pa, to the worst is on May because of work related issues! I told him that it's really late na to celebrate if we still pursue our plans, kawawa naman si Sam. So in other words, i need to prepare a simple party for Sam just with only a week ahead before her actual birthday. It's also kinda too late na din to booked her to have a Jollibee party, late in terms of invitations. I can't guarantee that everybody on the list could attend if ever. And the minimum packs for kids is 30! Sayang naman kung di din makak-attend lahat because of a short notices nga. So no choice but to celebrate it at home, atleast i can control & assume how many will be coming. In less than a week preparations, and no time to visit our famous Divisoria...hehe, here's what i've got from the malls:

Mickey Mouse & friends birthday banner - this is not availbale in any toy store. They have the banner but in different design and not like this, this is much larger. i bought it @ Lollipops Safety Baloon Center, one of the kiosks @ SM north mall.

Mickey Mouse & Friends Lootbags - loaded with assorted mickey mouse goodies inside. Also available at all leading toy store nationwide.

Themed Part Hats - available @ Toy Kingdom or Toys R'us
Themed Paper Plates & Cups - also bought from Lillipops Safety Baloons Center, not availbale at any toy store. The shop is a license distributor of
disney themed party needs. But if you have time to visit Divisoria, there's a lot of local party needs suppliers there.

18' Mickey Mouse Mylar Baloon - also @ Lollipops Safety Baloons Center

Mickey Mouse & Friends assorted color Lollipop Baloons - available @ any toy store

Mickey Mouse Hotdog Baloon - available @ any toy store

Mickey Mouse & Friends Birthday Cake - made of a delicious moist chocolate cake covered with colorful icing & Mickey Mouse & Friends cake toppers

For inquiries, you may contact the bakeshop thru:

Sweet Home Bakeshopowned by Tess & Betsy Villa
No. 39 Pasig Blvd., Bagong Ilog, Pasig City
Telephone Nos.
Telefax No.

If there's a 30 mins. meal by Rachael Ray, I have my own version of One Week Birthday Preps by Mommy Vanj!...haha! It's really fun to organize a birthday party especially for our little ones. We don't need to throw a big birthday party all of the time, but if you do have the budget, why not diba? Just be creative & resourceful to find the perfect party theme and a budget friendly party supplies that you & your kids would definitely love!

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Hi Vangie,

Nice cake. Sayang we just place our order last weekend.