Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sam's 3rd Birthday celebration!

Our original plan (with hubby) was to give Sam a Jollibee birthday party on March, in time for his annual vacation But since Mike couldn't make it on March, there's no choice but to have her party @ home na lang & to have it on her actual birthdate. After a short & tiring preparation time, I was able to throw a birthday party for my little girl. We were able to celebrate my little Sam's 3rd Birthday party last Sunday, January 27, 2008 with family, some relatives & a couple of friends. Her actual birthday was supposed to be on the 28th, monday. But since the date falls on weekdays , i decided to celebrate it on the 27th, sunday so that everybody can make it.

She had a Mickey Mouse & Friends birthday theme party. I was inspired by the Disney On Ice show that made me decided to choose the said theme...hehe! Good thing there's an ample source of disney party needs @ the mall. I was able to find a perfect dress to match her minnie mouse headband @ Purple Candy children's clothing. I still got her birthday cake from the maker of her Dora & Barney birthday cake she had from her 2nd birthday party last year. Again, i did all the cookings from my special spaghetti, shanghai, fried chicken, hotdogs on sticks (the usual kiddie menu) with my bro's own version of creamy carbonara, my in-law's share of special mechado & mouth watering pork bbq. They also bought some ice cream for the kids to enjoy. Everybody gorged the afternoon birthday menu.

My little girl is really growing. Not just physically, but socially. She's already becoming more mature & friendly to everybody especially to kids of her age. She used to have her tantrums kasi from her past two birthdays and cries a lot. As in crying to the max everytime her birthday guests starts to arrive. Doesn't want to be touch by anyone & always clinged to me. This year was different. I thought she'll be going to throw her crying drama again...haha!.. But to my surprise i saw the big smile on her face when she saw her young titas (mike's cousin's from her dad's side) with her lolo arrives. She looks so very excited. She entertained them & even shared her toys & played with them. While i'm still busy for the final touched up of her party, im hearing her laughing, giggles & loudly playing with her guests. She really enjoys the company of her young titas! She was able to see her Tita Irish again, whom she initially cried upon arrival but finally gave in after giving her her birthday presence..hehe! We were able to finally meet na din si mommy steff & keanna who happens to be our neighbors lang..haha!. Sayang nga lang that some of her guests didn't make it because of some important reasons. But still looking forward to have a playdate with them in the future..(*wink!*)..hehe! Everybody had a great time & even very tired na, I'm still seeing the big happy smile of my girl @ the end of the day. Happy 3rd birthday baby! =)

Click HERE to check out her complete birthday pics!

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