Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Treats @ Glorietta

Sam as the Little Pirate Girl

These are just some of the pics I have from the halloween event @ Glorietta yesterday afternoon...My goodness, the people was jam-packed all over the mall! Stef and I decided not to let the girls to do their trick ot treating because of the small chances for their loot to get loaded with treats! Thousands of kids were everywhere as in! We just let them do some kiddie activities inside the area of CA station while waiting for the fashion show. It's really nice to meet a few online mommies who were able to go there and of course seeing familiar mommies again...hehe!

Glorietta crowd

busy kids in cookie decorating activity

out little Trick or Treaters: from left - Keanna, Phil, Sam, Jian and Enoch

Sam with her little BFF, Jian

it's nice to see again some of my online mommy friends from sp and gt online community

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