Sunday, November 2, 2008

Polka Tots Fashion Show @ Glorietta

Children's Ave models Polka Tots Clothes

Here are some of the pics from the Polka Tots Fashion Show held @ Glorietta Activity center last Oct. 31 @ 4:00pm. Everything went off smoothly and the kids same as the stagemoms and parents enjoyed and really had fun. The kids just have a quick practice just right before the show because mommy april was still rushing to finish the boy's clothes. The girls clothes are really gorgeous and the girls really love to wear them...very comfortable and ayaw na ngang hubarin ng iba yung clothes after the show...hehe!

was about to start

I just had some minor problem with the pics. The fashion show shots, as in the actual show on stage was a bit overexposed!...waaaah! in the brightness was ultra bright and all the stage pic were almost white in color! I forgot to adjust the setting of the cam to automatic mode rather than manual mode before giving it to my sister in law....waaaah! fault! Good thing that photoshop was able to fix it's colors.

of course a pic of my little model with her trademark pose..hehe

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