Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Can't Wait for Tomorrow

Sam & I are very excited and can't wait for the day after today. Hubby will be coming home tomorrow! Weeeeh!...It's been another year of long waiting for us to finally be with my Sam's dearest daddy "nognog" once again!...hehe :p Though Sam is growing without a father's supervision on her side, I'm always telling beautiful things about her father. We have this big picture of him so that Sam will always remember the face of her daddy. And our constant online communication by means of web chatting is very helpful. Hubby's only tool to see us especially his baby girl in action. Though mms is also available, it's a bit expensive by charging you for every multimedia file you'll send. Web chat is better, and it's free pa. We'll pick him up tomorrow afternoon at the airport, praying for him to have a safe flight and no delays hopefully because I'll be bringing Sam with me. And btw, tomorrow will be also his birthday too! Imagine that?! It'll be a double celebration for us. Oh my gosh, I need to buy a cake for him pa pala...hala! Off to mall for now..hehe! :p


Rowena Tadiarca said...

Hi Vangie,

I know how happy you are and Sam. Enjoy the time you will be together. It's priceless
Happy Birthday na rin to your husband and welcome back.

We’ll be praying for your husband safe trip.

Wheng ni Caesar

Thet said...

uy! bukas na pala dating ni Mike. Happy birthday kamo :) yihee! grabe one yr na pala ang nakalipas..parang kailan lang nung makita ko ang pics na pasyal galore kayong family.

o ano, mag disney hk kayo? :D

Mommy Vangie said...

thanks sis wheng!...we'll definitely make the most from his short vacation :p

sure mareng thet, pahiramin mo kami ng pamasahe!...haha! :p