Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kumon Workbooks for my Sam

I already got some Kumon workbooks for Sam. Thanks to Mommy Tin of Vien for posting a blog about these workbooks. I'm really interested about the Kumon programs ever since I heard about it. I'm just not aware that workbooks are available for the home school tutorials at our leading bookstores already. I've planned to use the EGC that I won from the Mom & I portrait at Trinoma photo competition to purchase these books. Unfortunately, the NBS in Trinoma is not yet accepting this electronic gift check. I also inquired about the Powerbooks store, and yes...they are already accepting this card! But unfortunately again...huhu..when I called the store, the workbooks were already sold out. Still don't know when would be their next delivery, the stock kasi is based on the availability of the books abroad and they really can't assure me of when they can have the books again...arrgh!

The very eager mom has no choice but to purchase the books in cash...ouch!..haha! Well, anything for Sam that is educational and will surely benefit her will not become an issue for me, as long of course that I have the budget. Telling it to her dad will just follow...hehe :p

Now, Sam is really enjoying her new set of workbooks! She can't get her eyes away from these books!...She's really enjoying each activities. Well maybe because of the colorful pages of the books compare from her b&w pages school workbooks. She loves to trace the letters, color the blank spot of the animals, connect the dots and the challenging mazes. We'll just do the Cutting workbook as her last activity. This skill needs a lot of supervision because scissors is already involved in each activities.:p

my little learner

For more info about the Kumon Workbooks, visit their site. :p

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Timeless Confection said...

hi sis!
love this post so much!
ang daming kumon books ng baby mo.
my toddler and i, 4 pa lang ang ginagawa ngayon. hopefully, we can also try out those book titles!
keep your posts coming!